Public Offline 19/02/2012

Date: Sunday, 19/02/2012
Time: 5.30 PM – 8.30 PM
Venue: 433 Cong Hoa Str. – Tan Binh Dist. – HCMC

Tet was coming and passing by…..
And then…
A new year has already started.
You must have spent a very happy and cosy time on Tet holiday with your family and friends. We are sure that now you are so energetic as well as ready and excited for the whole year. Have you set up plans and targets for this Year of Dragon? Why don`t you come and share with us your new goals in the very 1st our meeting offline.

You have a chance to get a lucky-money in this 1st Event of iziEnglish in 2012.

* Entrance Fee is 10.000 VND (included Tea-break and Document)


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