1. For hours on end

We talked on the phone for hours on end.

When we do things for hours on end that means we just do them for a very long time, hour after hour.


1.1. I can play poker for hours on end.

1.2. Teenagers can stroll through a mall for hours on end.

2. Not handle

I can’t handle people chewing with their mouth open.

When people say they can’t handle something, they mean that they can not deal with it or accept it without feeling pleasant.


2.1. He doesn’t handle losing very well.

2.2. Some people just can’t handle the truth.

3. Get over something

Usually, I can get over it.

When people get over something, they stop letting it bother them and start to ignore it or accept it.


3.1. After I got fired, I couldn’t get over it for months.

3.2. She had no trouble getting over her last boyfriend.

4. Reach my limit

I’ve reached my limit.

When someone says they’ve reached their limit, they mean they stop doing something because it’s coming unpleasant.


4.1. After studying for ten hours, I reached my limit. I needed a break.

4.2. Usually after about three beers, I reach my limit.

5. Game over

I’ve reached my limit. Game over.

Game over means something is finished.


5.1. So did you break up with your girlfriend? Yup, game over.

5.2. Game over! You are not allowed to do it again.

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