1. Hold a little back
With my friends I tend to hold a little back.
When you hold a little back, you keep something such as energy or effort or emotions that you could give but choose not to.
The opposite of holding back is to be open or giving.
1.1. He is shy and tends to hold back his emotions.
1.2. The wining team held a little back for the end of the game.

2. Give all of oneself
I don’t necessarily give all of myself to my friends.
When a person gives all of oneself, that means they’re very open and do not keep anything secret.
2.1. In any relationship, one should give all of oneself.
2.2. Hie gave all of himself to his marriage, but his wife didn’t so they got divorced.

3. Bottle stuff up inside
When you bottle stuff up, you hold things inside such as emotions or feelings, things that are trying to get out.
3.1. All of my feeling were bottled up inside.
3.2. Everything was bottled up inside until he let it all out.

4. Heated
We had a heated argument.
When the situation is heated that means both sides are very aggressive or upset and usually there is much shouting or yelling.
4.1. The students had a heated debate about crime and race
4.2. The managers had a heated discussion about company policy.

5. Make up
We fight but then we make up and it’s good.
When people make up, they stop fighting and forgive each other.
5.1. My wife and I fight a lot but we always make up.
5.2. The best part of fighting is making up afterwards.

Have a great day, friends!



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