1. Binary
It’s more binary.
Binary refers to a system of only two. For example: yes and no make a binary system, on and off make a binary system. There’s only one choice between two things.
1.1. Most computers are made of binary code using either one or zero.
1.2. Baseball is very binary. You’re either safe or out.

2. Benefit
It benefitted me.
If something benefits someone or something, then they gain because of it.
2.1. The trees benefited from the rain.
2.2. I benefited from the long holiday.

3. Detriment
It was to my detriment.
Detriment refers to something or some action that causes damage. Detriment is the opposite of benefit.
3.1. He continues to smoke to the detriment of his health.
3.2. Some people feel the process of learning suffers to the detriment of testing.

4. Be easy on
I will not be easy on them.
When someone is easy on another person that means they are very kind and nice and careful, not to be strict or hurt their feelings. The opposite of ‘being easy on someone ‘ is ‘being hard on them’ or ‘tough with them’ or ‘strict with them’.
4.1. Please be easy on Bob day. He is feeling very sad.
4.2. My coach was always easy with us after a loss, but tough with us after a win.

5. Have a lot coming to them

They have a lot coming to them.

The phrase ‘have a lot coming to them’ means that the recipient or person being talk about will have a lot of accountability or judgement later on. They will be held to higher standards or judgement even though maybe they don’t expect it. The phrase ‘another thing coming to them’ means the same thing.


5.1 As my students think I am a kind teacher, well, they have a lot coming to them.

5.2 You have a lot coming you if you think I can forgive you for your actions.

We’re happy when you’re happy!



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