1. Potentially
I could potentially burn salads.
Potentially means things that are posible or the ability exists for them to happen in the future.
1.1. Rebeca is potentially great tennis player if she just practiced more.
1.2. Elllo has the potential to be the number one in English listening site on the web.

2. Pretty
Australian food is pretty boring.
In this case, pretty modifies the word ‘boring’ to mean quite boring. A reasonalbly high degree of boring.
2.1. I find fishing on the bank pretty boring, just sitting and watching the water for hours.
2.2. Old castles in Europe are pretty interesting because they have so much history behind them.

3. Conservative
My parents are pretty conservative when it comes to food.
Conservative here means to not take risks or be adventurous.
3.1. The Republican party in America is considered conservative in its politics.
3.2. At a conservative estimate, about one billion people in the world are illiterate.

4. Stick with
My parents pretty much stick with Chinese food.
To stick with something means to stay with it and not change to something else.
4.1. Studying any new language is difficult, but if you stick with long enough you will get better.
4.2. At university I had a chance to change from English to psychology, but I decided to stick with the language unit.

5. A couple times
I’ve had that a couple times.
Couple literally means two, but in this case could mean two or three.
5.1. I had a couple of colds last winter because we had so much rain.
5.2. Give me a couple of ice-creams for Tom and Jery.

We wish you will have great holiday!



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