Asking for Help


1. Could you . . . . (for me) ?

2. Would you please . . . ?

3. Would you mind V+ing . . . .?

4. Could you possibly . . . ?

5. Do you have a minute?

6. Can you spare a few minutes?

7. Could you do me a favor?

8. Could I ask you a favor?

9. Can I ask you to . . . ?

10. I need some help (if you have time).

11. (If you’re not busy) I could use your help.


1. Okay, no problem.

2. Sure, I’d be glad to.

3. Sorry, I’m (kind of) busy now.

4. I’m sorry. I don’t have time right now.


2 responses to “Asking for Help

  1. Some target sentences are so helpful in communcation. But how to remember all and utilize them in suitable situations for showing the emotion?

  2. From “know it” to “use it” is not easy. We should follow step by step, as below:
    1. Know it: what structure, words,…
    2. Learn by heart: make them become yours
    3. Practise and Practise: do it many times, day by day, and you will know what and when to use.

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