How To Compare Your Online and Offline Degree Options

First of all, when comparing and contrasting online versus offline (campus and classroom based college) degree programs, do not automatically accept the stigma online degree programs carry : that an online education isn’t as good as a “traditional” one. This is not necessarily true, especially today .

Traditionalists and those who attended college twenty years ago will insist on one and  only one way to get a university education: at a brick and mortar university. Times have changed since these traditionalists have been in school, though. Online education brings many benefits, the best perhaps being flexibility. Gone are the days where a nine to five job would hamper any opportunity to complete one’s education. Getting a degree from online  allows you to fit school into your schedule, and not the other way around.

Now, the prestige and reputation that offline degree programs carry with them should be considered . Often times, whether it is right or not, an offline, “traditional” education appears better on paper some might say. That is a benefit for offline degree programs , however, as many offline colleges now offer online degree programs as well making it a moot point .

An online degree program can be just as intellectually rigorous , and sometimes may even require more dedication and work than an in the classroom program . Instead of listening to a lecture in person and taking notes , online learners must read the lectures for themselves and then take notes. Depending on the program and institution, online degree programs may require much more individual reading than an offline degree program. However, an offline degree program can provide a more structured learning environment, and provides students a more “hands on” approach to learning, and better access to their instructor for help.
The first thing you should do is evaluate yourself before comparing online and offline programs. How do you learn best? What would best serve your needs? Those are questions you need to ask yourself before you compare online and offline degree programs.


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