Public Offline 09/10/2011

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After surveying 225 people, the Business Insider shows the major findings:

  • 93% quit jobs in the past two years.
  • 57% quit jobs in the past two years without another opportunity lined up
  • 54% of people ages 25-34 quit without another opportunity and 55% of people ages 35-49.
  • 63% are serial quitters, having quit two or more jobs throughout their careers.

Why do we have those impressive figures?  Because “Career Orientation” is one of the most important choices one makes during our lifetime.

Choosing a career can be a very tough decision, especially for young people. A lot of Vietnamese students are still confused about their majors. Many of them have to pay the high price because of the wrong choice of the major, which can lead them huge consequences in the future.

When students are mature, they will see their lives as being separate parts: working life/social life/home life. As you know, life has many components, so the rest of your life is out of balance when you are in the wrong career.

So the big question is  how do we make  right “career orientation”.

Let’s join iziEnglish public speaking to discuss and share your opinions about this issue!



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