Public Offline 18/12/2011

Can you feel the cold in the wind is coming..?
Can you hear the sound bingboong bingboong is coming.?
Can you see the excited atmostphere of big event is coming?

December brings us one of the most expected festival in the world- Christmas. To us, X’mas means spending time with those you love and who love you. It is the cozy time to connect and feel especially close and thankful for family in a spirit of joy and peace. it’s also time to forget all worries and the hatred that you have against people.

Seeing the spirital values that christmas brings, we – izienglish club are going to hold the special workshop named “ Santa Story for X’mas Day”. With this workshop, we also want to give big thanks to all guests who have taken part in our previous workshops.

We hope that all of you will have the most joyful time ever through our funny activities.


9 responses to “Public Offline 18/12/2011

  1. X’mas is here. once again, my favorite time of the year is back. i would like to join with you, iziEnglish. let’s make this noel more meaningful by improving our English.

  2. what kind of activities will we have this time? can you tell me something. I want to make good preparation before coming.

    • You will have a chance to speak and play with English through many interesting activities, such as: listening to music, singing, playing game, discussing topic, making friends,… and much more.
      Hope to see you at the Offline Meeting.
      Please register before you join.

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