1. Brought up to

My culture were brought up to think that that’s really bad.

In this case, ‘brought up’ means to be raised from childhood.


1.1. I was brought up to believe it is impolite to eat with your elbows on the table.

1.2. Many boys are brought up to believe that they should hide their feelings.

2. On your record

If you do anything wrong then it’s on your record.

‘Record’ in this case means a criminal history or some other official record of your behaviour.


2.1. If you are late for work more than three times, it will be noted on your record with the Personnel section.

2.2. Many countries will not issue a visa if you have a criminal conviction on your record.

3. Pull over

The policeman asked me to pull over.

In this case ‘pulling over’ is an action taken when you’re driving a car. And it means to move your car to the side of the road and stop.


3.1. Thanks for giving me a lift home. You can pull over at this coner and let me off.

3.2. In Japan, you should pull over to the left and wait if you hear an ambulance is coming.

4. Straight

The policeman in Dubai was very straight and honest.

When we’re talking about people, ‘straight’ means to be honest and not evasive nor to hide anything.


4.1 It is important to have people who are straight working in positions of authority, so their power is not abused.

4.2. When my syster had an accident, my father was completely straight with me about her condition and didn’t try to protect me from the difficult truth.

5.  Turn me down

He turned me down, it’s really bad in the Arab culture.

To be turned down is to be denied something.


5.1. I asked Jack if he would go out for coffee with me, but he turned me down. I was so disappointed.

5.2. When I asked my mom if I could get a motobike, she turned me down because it was too dangerous.

Best wishes for you!



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